How can I customize interview feedback forms?

Available for User roles Admins, Super Admins
Packages Select Lever packages

Ready to start interviewing? We have default feedback forms built in to get you started!

Feedback forms can always be configured through the form editor under Settings.

What response types are available?

  • Text (single line answer)
  • Textbox (longer form answer)
  • Code (for coding samples)
  • Multiple choice (choose only one)
  • Multiple select (choose 1 or more)
  • Dropdown (a dropdown menu)
  • Score (Strong no, no, yes, strong yes)
  • Scorecard (scoring for multiple attributes)
  • Yes/No (choose only one)

Why do I need an overall score field in every interview feedback form?

The overall score is summarized at the top of the profile, creating a snapshot of all feedback given throughout the candidate's various interview stages.

A clock icon next to a user's avatar indicates that they haven't submitted feedback for the candidate yet.

What's an example of an interview feedback form?

Title: [Screen] Sales Coordinator

  1. Summary of experience in enterprise sales (Textbox)
  2. Should we recommend for a different role? (Choice - yes/no)
  3. What did you think of this candidate overall? (Score from 1-4)
  4. Other notes/comments (Textbox)

Other uses of forms

You can also use this feature to build in forms for recruiter screens and reference checks. There are two ways to request or complete any of these forms, including interview feedback:

1. Send a link through a calendar invite

Schedule an interview as normal and select the desired form from the dropdown list.

2. Add manually through the profile 

This option is only available if the user already has access to the candidate profile. Once you pull up the profile, you can use the ellipsis icon in the top action bar to add a form directly.

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