How can I collect and report on structured data within Forms?

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Ever wondered why candidates are declining offers from your team? Or want to build a way to easily collect data around a candidate's other competitive offers? Or how about a simple way for Recruiters to transfer important knowledge to Coordinators about how a candidate's interview should be scheduled? All of this data can be collected and reported upon through Lever's Forms. 


Each candidate profile has a Forms tab at the top, where all of this data lives:


It's easy to add a new form to a candidate profile. Simply click the "..." menu, and click the "Add form" button to select which form you'd like to add onto a candidate's profile:

Then, add all the data you'd like to your new form:

Once you've added several forms to a candidate's profile, Lever will even show a "Forms summary" so that you can navigate through each of your forms seamlessly. 



To create new forms, jump over to the Forms Settings tab. To build a new form, click on the “New form” button. 


Now, customize your form by adding as many questions as you'd like! Questions can be rearranged by clicking the up and down arrows.  Lever supports many different kinds of questions within Forms, including: 

  • Text (single line answer)
  • Textbox (longer form answer)
  • Multiple choice (choose only one)
  • Checkbox / multiple select (choose 1 or more)
  • Dropdown (a dropdown menu)
  • Yes/No (choose only one) 
  • Currency (value + currency) 
  • Date


If this form contains confidential information, you can even choose to make it secret by default. The content of secret forms are only visible to Super Admins and users with the relevant Sensitive Information Privileges.

Now that your forms are set up, you may access your form data by going into Lever's Reports menu, scrolling down to the Feedback and forms tab, and exporting the data for the forms you would like to report on. Only Users with Access to Export Feedback and Forms can pull a report for this data.

Questions about how Lever's forms work? Check out this video or drop our team a note! We're always happy to help.

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