How do I add requisitions to Lever?

Note: Requisitions are only available for Enterprise customers. If you have any questions about your plan, reach out to your Account Manager!

Using Requisitions within Lever

Only Super Admins and Admins can set up Requisitions in Lever.

Get started by navigating to the requisitions settings page. From the setup tab, check the box next to “Enable requisitions”.

Now toggle over to the Requisitions tab. Hit the “+ Add Requisition” button, and you’re ready to hit the ground running!

You can fill out each requisition’s headcount planning details with the following fields:

  • Name (required)
  • Requisition code (required)
  • Headcount (required)
  • Status (required)
  • Location
  • Commitment
  • Team
  • Hiring manager
  • Compensation band
  • Job postings linked to the requisition

Need to add more information? Feel free to create custom fields from the setup tab.

We support the following types of custom fields:

  • Text
  • Number
  • Date
  • Dropdown
  • Field group and sub-field

We’ll automatically display the fields in the order that you’ve added them. You can change the order of custom fields on the requisition by hovering over the field and clicking on the up or down arrow.

Using Lever’s Requisitions API

Our requisitions API endpoints allow you to create requisitions in an external tool, like an HRIS, and push them into Lever. Once in Lever, you can view and associate the requisitions with job postings. To push requisitions from your HRIS to Lever, you'll want to take advantage of the write functionality of our requisitions API endpoints.

If you are using Lever to create and organize your requisitions, you can still read from the requisitions API endpoints.

If you’d like to take this route, just enable API management from within the requisitions settings page.

To learn more about Lever’s requisitions, check out this video overview.


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