How do I associate a requisition with a job posting?

Available for User roles Super Admins, Admins
Plans Select Lever Packages

Requisitions are totally customizable. You can associate one job posting with one requisition. Alternatively, associate multiple job postings with one requisition and vice versa.

If you wanted to hire 10 people for the same posting, and each employee requires a unique requisition code, you may choose to create multiple requisitions and associate the same job posting with each requisition. It’s up to you!

There are two ways to set this up if you are a Super Admin or Admin:

  1. From the individual job posting’s settings tab
  2. From the requisitions dashboard & a requisition's settings page

Option #1: From a job posting

Start from the postings tab of the jobs home page, and select the posting you’d like to associate with a requisition. On the right-hand side of the posting editor, you’ll see the Add req” option next to the Requisitions” header.


Here, you can search for and choose a requisition. Once you save your changes to the posting and return to the job posting home page, you’ll be able to quickly see how many requisitions are tied to any given posting.



This is the only option available if you manage requisitions through Lever's API.

Option #2: From the requisitions tab

Start from the requisitions tab of the jobs home page. Within each individual requisition, designate the associated job posting(s) on the right-hand side. When you click Add Posting”, we’ll automatically pull up a search field for your job postings:

Requisition editor wiht arrow pointing to Add posting in the right column of the editor.

Once you’ve selected a posting, save your changes, and you’re all set!

(Note that if Requisition approvals is enabled, you can only link a job posting to a Requisition after it has been approved.)

After you’ve associated your job postings with requisitions, you can see related activity at a quick glance from the requisitions tab of the jobs home page. Requisitions are ordered by recent activity, so you can quickly see which requisitions have been hired against recently. From here, you can also answer questions like:

What is the requisition’s status?”

“What is the open headcount for this requisition?”

“How many active offers are there for this requisition?”

“How many candidates have we hired for this requisition?”

“How many job postings have we associated with this requisition?”

Who owns this requisition?”

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