How do I use rich text in job postings?


Use Lever's rich text formatting to emphasize what's most important in your job descriptions.

The rich text formatting bar appears at the top of the Job Description editor:

Your formatting options are:

  • Heading
  • Bold
  • Italicize
  • Strikethrough
  • Underline
  • Hyperlink
  • Clear formatting

How do I use bullet points?

Create a List!

Lists appear as separate sections and can be used to call out specific areas of a job posting, as every item in a List is bulleted.

You may want to use Lists to emphasize responsibilities, benefits, and company culture highlights.

Can I preview my job posting before I publish it?

Yes, you can! To make sure everything looks good before you publish, you can preview the full posting prior to adding it to your jobs page.

Just hit the "Preview" button in upper righthand corner of the editor.

You can also hit the "Link" button to go directly to the job posting page, if the posting is published externally or internally.

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