How do I resolve this DocuSign in-session error message?


So you're ready to send an offer letter when this error message pops up:

What does this mean?

It means that a particular setting on your DocuSign account hasn't been enabled.

To successfully integrate DocuSign with Lever, please contact your DocuSign account manager with this exact language:

We are receiving the error “This Account lacks sufficient permissions. In-Session Permission is required when specifying a captive recipient.” This error is known to be associated with In-Session signing not being enabled on the account. In order to send documents using Lever's integration with DocuSign, I would like to ask you to please set the In-Session signing to "enabled" in the Admin Console and in Account Plan Editor.

If your DocuSign account manager is unsure where to find this setting, please send this same information to their technical support team.

Once this DocuSign setting is enabled, you'll be ready to send offers from Lever!

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