How do I handle duplicate candidate profiles?

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Please note: In the coming months, we will be migrating all existing customers to our updated user interface and data model. Because of this, you may be viewing a help article that is not applicable to the version of Lever you are using! If your team began using Lever after July 15th, 2019, if you manage opportunities in Lever, or if the screenshots below do not match what you see in your account, please visit this article for information that is most applicable to you.

In Lever, all a candidate's opportunities should be linked to the same profile. When candidates apply to a job posting, we automatically deduplicate by email address to ensure that a single candidate never has more than one profile within Lever.

However, it’s still possible for users to inadvertently create duplicate profiles for a single candidate or multiple opportunities for the same candidate cause multiple profiles. In those instances, Lever will alert you to potential duplicates by displaying a banner on the candidate profile.


This banner only appears in a few cases:

  1. If we've detected that one of the profile's email addresses exists on another profile.
  2. If the profile's full name matches a name on another profile, including variations of first names. (For example, "Edward Smith" might be raised as a duplicate of "Eddy Smith".)

Tip: We do not count any blacklisted email addresses, middle initials, any text between quotation marks or parentheses, and anything fewer than three characters.

Clicking the link in the banner will display information about potential duplicates. You can open each of these profiles in a new tab to evaluate whether they are indeed duplicates. If you determine these profiles are not duplicates, you can simply dismiss the banner by clicking the X.

If you determine that some or all of the profiles are duplicates, you can choose to merge them into a single profile. This will link any applicable opportunities to the profile as well. To do so, simply:

  1. Select all duplicate profiles
  2. Click "Next step"
  3. Select which candidate profile should take precedence (in the event there is any conflicting data among the profiles, we'll give preference to the primary profile)
  4. Click "Next step"
  5. You'll see a preview of the merge. Once you're ready to confirm, click "Complete merge".

Please note: Be careful when merging! Once you merge candidate profiles, you cannot undo the action.




In addition to merging duplicate profiles from the profile banner, you can also bulk-select and merge profiles from the main candidate list or search results list. To do so:

  1. Select duplicate candidates
  2. Click the "Merge" icon from the action bar.
  3. Go through the same steps outlined earlier.
  4. Click "Complete merge"

Please note, merging candidate profiles together will not merge multiple opportunities together into a single job posting.

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