What mail merge placeholders/auto-text tokens can I use when drafting email templates?

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Lever has a number of auto-text / mail merge fields that you can use as placeholders in your email templates. To customize your email templates, jump over to the email templates settings page

Open a template and you'll find a <-> indicator, which will display each of Lever's auto-text fields. Clicking on any of these options will add the mail merge tag listed below to your email template. 

For your reference, here are each of the available placeholders and their corresponding auto-text tokens:

Placeholder Auto-text token
Candidate first name {{Candidate first name}}
Candidate full name {{Candidate full name}}
Your first name {{Your first name}}
Your full name {{Your full name}}
Candidate phone number {{Candidate phone number}}

Your company name*

{{Your company name}} or {{Company}}

Candidate's first source

{{First source}}

Newest job posting

{{Newest job posting}}

Note that the "newest" job posting is the posting that was most recently added to the candidate profile. This could be a posting that the candidate applied for, or was manually added or referred to.

How do these auto-text tokens work?

When you create an email to a candidate that includes one of these auto-text tokens, the data will be automatically filled in with the appropriate data, even when emailing candidates in bulk.

While we cannot customize these placeholders for your account, we're always happy to hear your feedback! Tell us which ones would be useful for your team.

Need to create an auto-confirmation email for new applicants? 

You can navigate to the "Application Form" tab on your job site settings page to manage this template! Please note that the application confirmation email will support a different set of placeholders and auto-text tokens:

Placeholder Auto-text token
Applicant first name {{Applicant first name}}
Applicant full name {{Applicant full name}}
Name of your company {{Company}}
Job posting title {{Job posting title}}

*We recently changed this placeholder from "{{Company}}" to "{{Your company name}}". Have no fear! "{{Company}}" will still work in any existing email templates.

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