What is Lever Mail? How does Lever Mail work?

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Lever Mail allows you to correspond with candidates while obscuring your real email address. Instead of an email appearing to come from you, it will come from the name of your company. With Lever’s two-way email sync, you’ll see responses to Lever Mail threads directly in your email inbox. And when you reply to that message via email, your note will still be sent from your Lever Mail alias, not your real email address. Here’s how:

1. When composing an email to a candidate, choose to send this email via Lever Mail.


2. After composing your email and selecting Lever Mail, send it away to the candidate!

3. When the candidate replies to your email, you'll see their reply both in your email inbox AND in your Lever inbox. 

4. When you reply to the candidate, from within Lever OR from your email inbox directly, we'll continue to obscure your email address so that your response is sent from Lever Mail as well. 

We've built Lever Mail to make it seamless to correspond with candidates, regardless of if you'd like to share your real email address with that candidate or not. 

Questions? Don't hesitate to drop our team a note.   

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