Enabling and using the Hired integration

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Can only be configured by Super Admins
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Find and engage top talent faster with Lever’s sourcing integration with Hired.

Setup couldn’t be easier. Here’s how to enable the integration in less than a minute:

  • You must be a Super Admin to enable this integration.
  • In Lever go to Settings > Integrations and API.
  • Click the toggle next to Hired’s logo.

Lever settings page with arrow pointing to hired toggle

  • Generate an API key for that integration partner. You'll be able to see exactly which actions the integration with Hired will authorize.

Lever settings with hired integration setting with list of permissions and generate new key outlined

  • Copy the newly generated API key from Lever and add the API key to Hired:

hired settings page with arrow pointing to profile button and integrations menu option outlined

applicant tracking systems page with lever connect button outlined

Connect lever api section showing Lever api field

  • After turning on the integration, you can import a job posting from Lever:

connect with job creator showing link to lever job field and dropdown menu

Job postings use the title of the Lever job posting as the Hired position name. This connection is called out with an “ATS” badge when viewing the Hired position that is connected to the Lever job posting:

connect editor with arrow pointing to job title and list of jobs

Then, when browsing the Hired list of candidates that match with your required/desired skills for each position, you can reach out to candidates in whom you are interested via Hired. When the candidate responds with interest in your interview request for that Hired position, then Hired will send the candidate directly into your Lever account. And the candidate will be automatically associated with the Lever job posting that’s linked to the Hired posting. This relationship is illustrated in the following screenshot, which is the screen that is shown in Hired to an employer after they reach out to a candidate with an interview request:

hired website showing requested interview message

If you haven’t linked your Hired Position to a specific Lever job posting, then Hired will simply send the candidate to Lever without an association to a specific Lever job posting, as shown in the example below:

hired website showing requested interview message

  • When you’re using Hired and a candidate accepts your interview request, the candidate will be sent to your Lever account’s New Lead stage. You’ll also find a link to the candidate’s profile from the Hired-generated confirmation email.
  • The candidate’s interview acceptance will create a brand new candidate profile in the “New Lead” section of your Lever pipeline. Open up the profile, and you’ll see that the candidate is automatically tagged with hired.com and the origin will be set as “Sourced.”

Lever candidate profile with arrow pointing hired.com label

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