How do I enable the Zenefits integration?

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As an official Zenefits partner, Lever makes it easy to automatically push hired candidate information over to Zenefits. Candidate data from Lever will dynamically populate a new Zenefits employee profile, minimizing the time spent on manual data entry. And if your team is using Zenefits offer workflows, you can even push a candidate out of Lever and into Zenefits to kick off the offer process! Here’s how:

Enabling the integration

To enable this integration, you'll need to be a Super Admin of your Lever account.


  • After you’ve toggled on the Zenefits integration, you will be prompted to enter the Company ID for your Zenefits account, as well as a Client Secret token generated through Zenefits. These can be generated at


  • You’ll also have the chance to choose a Contact. Who’s the contact? This is the individual who should be notified if there is ever a problem exporting a candidate into Zenefits. Hint: if you’re setting up the integration, it probably should be you!
  • To confirm that you have entered all information correctly, click “Verify”. This will send a test request to Zenefits to ensure that Lever can successfully authenticate using the Company ID and Client Secret token that you provided.


  • Does your team use Zenefits offers instead of Lever’s offers? Go ahead and turn on Zenefits offers instead of Lever’s offers! If you use offers in Lever, choose Lever’s offers workflow.


  • Congratulations, you’re all set! Click the “Done” button.

How does the integration work?  

When you mark a candidate as “Hired” in Lever, here’s a list of all of the data that gets transferred from Lever to Zenefits. You’ll see all of this data displayed within a story on the candidate’s profile.


Note: The profile story letting you know that the data was transferred from Lever to Zenefits will take a few seconds to load. In addition, this story is secret by default since it may contain sensitive data about the candidate’s offer. Since it’s secret, this story is only visible to account Super Admins, Admins, or those with Sensitive Information Privileges.

Here are each of the fields that are sent from Lever to Zenefits:

Lever Candidate Field


Zenefits Profile Field


Candidate's name (required)

First name, Last name


Candidate's email (required)

Contact info  

Phone Number

Phone number on the candidate profile

Contact info


We send the first resume in the resumes section. If there are no resumes, we send the first file in the files section. Learn the difference between resumes and files here.


Job title

Candidate's job title

Job info

Job location

Candidate's job location

Job info

Reports to

Candidate reporting manager

Job info

Start date

Date when candidate will be starting on your team

Job info

Offer date

Date candidate was sent an offer

Job info


Candidate's yearly salary

Job info


List of interviewers with names and scores


Next time you mark a candidate as hired in Lever, a new employee record will be available in Zenefits. You will need to go through the "Hire/Add Employee" flow to start working on the candidate in Zenefits. Right at the top of the "Hire Employee" form will be a searchable field labeled "Import candidate from Lever"!

What if I choose to use Zenefits offers?

If you use Zenefits’ offer workflows, Lever makes it easy to push candidates over to Zenefits. When you move a candidate into the “Offer” stage of your pipeline, a blue “Send to Zenefits” button will appear. Clicking this button will immediately send this candidate over to Zenefits.


In addition, you can always use the [...] menu to send the candidate over to Zenefits:


Jump in and give the integration a spin today!

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