How do I enable applicants to select their college or university when applying to a job?

Got an intern or new grad job posting? You can allow your candidates to indicate which college or university that they attended, and you can report on that data seamlessly. 

What does the experience look like for candidates on my job postings? 

Check it out! A candidate can select one of the universities, but they can't type in free text. This makes a big difference when it comes to reporting!


How do I enable this university dropdown? 

Navigate to the job posting in which you'd like to enable the university dropdown, and add a custom question:

Create a new form:

Choose the "University Picker" option from your selection of question types:

Save the newly created custom question:

Then, the university picker will show up on your job postings! And when a candidate applies to a job, you'll see this university as a Source on their profile. 

Reporting on your university recruiting efforts and metrics has never been easier. 


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