How can the Interview Calibration report help me identify bias in interview feedback?

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Lever’s Interview Calibration report is extremely powerful. Within this new report, you have the ability to customize everything, see underlying candidate data, build reports in real-time, and download your data with one click.

Here are a few questions that you can answer using the Interview Calibration report:

  • How many interviews has Esther completed this week?
  • Of the interviews that Jen completed within the past month, for what percentage of those interviews did she leave positive scores?
  • On average, how long does it take Andreas to complete his feedback?
  • Which interviewer can best predict if a candidate gets an offer based on his/her interview feedback?
  • How does the engineering team’s feedback compare to that of the sales team? Which team tends to rate candidates more harshly?



Part 1: Summary totals

The summary totals at the top of the report includes:

  • Completed feedback: Total number of feedback forms that were completed in the specified time period.
  • Positive scores: The percentage of completed feedback forms that have a positive overall score.
    • Note: One thumb up, two thumbs up, a score of a 3, and a score of a 4 are all considered positive scores.

  • Average time to complete: The average time it took from the end of the interview event until the feedback form was submitted, only counting completed forms for scheduled interviews (not added manually). If an individual has yet to complete their feedback form, their time is not counted in this metric.

Part 2: Essential Statistics

The numbers embedded within the Interview Calibration report run much deeper than those provided in the summary totals. These numbers provide insight into how your team and how individual interviewers are evaluating candidates.

Clicking on any number in this report will take you right to the candidates represented by these data.

Click on any field (Feedback Form, Candidate, Date, Stage, Score, etc.) to sort.

Part 3: Filter

You have the ability to customize your Interview Calibration report by narrowing down to: job posting, team, candidate owner, interviewer, scheduler, status, origin, source, and tag. You can even enter multiple items in each filter field!

Part 4: Export to CSV (Super Admins only)

When you’re ready to download the report that you’ve just created, click on "Export to spreadsheet" in the upper right corner to download a CSV file (note that only Super Admins are allowed to export reports data). Be advised that this export includes considerations, while the report numbers show candidates — so the number of rows in the export will be greater than the numbers of candidates.

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