How can I customize my job site?

Available for User roles Admins, Super Admins
Packages Select Lever packages

Super Admins and Admins can customize Lever-hosted job sites.

There are a number of ways that you can customize your Lever-hosted job site, and they can all be found in your job site settings. You can set up links in the site’s header and footer, add a company logo, and change the color of your buttons.

Changing links and redirects

Company website / footer

On the "Setup" tab, you can add your company's homepage in the "Company website" field. Next, click "Save Changes." This link appears at the bottom of every page on your job site.



Header logo and "main page" button

You can also choose where to send users who click on either the header image in the top left corner of every page by updating the field that says "Redirect header logo to this URL." Click "Save Changes" after making any updates to save your changes. The URL you input here also controls the "Return to the main page" button on the post-application confirmation page.



Uploading a company header logo

To customize the logo on your job site, go to the "Logos / Style" tab within your job site settings. Under "Header logo," either click "Upload file" or drag and drop an image to upload your logo and then click "Save Changes.


You can also choose to modify the sizing of your header image by choosing between our "Classic" and "Tall" options.

  • Classic is the default, and works well with traditional rectangular logos.
  • Tall works best for square logos that could use a little extra height and width.

Changing the color of the buttons

To customize the color of the "Apply" buttons on your job site, go to the "Logos / Style" tab within your job site settings. At the bottom of the page under "Styling," you can select from among seven preset colors or add a hex code to use any color of your choosing! Every color is represented by a unique hex code—we recommend asking a member of your design team for the hex code of an on-brand color.





If you want full customization control over your jobs site, you can use the Lever postings API to show postings on your own company-hosted jobs page! Feel free to drop us a note to learn more!
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