Configuring your Lever-hosted job site

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Every Lever environment comes with its own Lever-hosted job site, through which you can publish postings and receive applications. This out-of-the-box offering allows you to start filling your pipeline with applicants via a clean and streamlined job site that can be setup with minimal coding. Users looking to connect their Lever environment to their organization's custom job site can refer their web development team to Lever's Postings API for the necessary information to make this connection.

To configure your Lever-hosted job site, click your avatar in the top-right corner of the platform header, select Settings from the menu, and click 'Job site' in the left-side navigation. Note that as you make any changes to the configuration of your job site, you must click the Save Changes button at the top of the Job site settings page in order to apply those changes.

Setting up your Lever-hosted job site

From the 'Setup' tab on the Job site page, you can configure the following settings:

General settings

Under the 'General' heading, define the organization name and URLs associated with your job site as follows:

  • Company name - appears in the title tab of your job site as well as at the bottom of each page of your job site; will also appear in the {{Company}} auto-text token if you chose to enable automatic confirmation emails for applicants
  • Company website - the URL to your company's homepage; appears at the bottom of each page of your job site
  • Redirect URL - if an applicant clicks the Return to main page button after submitting an application or your organization's logo on your job site, they will be directed to this URL
  • Application Success Page URL - applicants will be directed to this URL after successfully submitting an application on your job site

General job sites settings fields and URLs for external and internal job sites.

Under this heading you can also find your external and internal job site URLs. Click these links to preview how your job site looks to applicants. If you wish to enable/disable your internal Lever-hosted job site, click the Edit button next to the internal job site URL, and select the option to either enable or disable the site in the modal that appears.


Users in your Lever environment will still have the ability to create and edit internal postings, even if the internal job site is disabled. However, none of the employees at your organization will be able to view or apply for internal postings, and all links to your internal job site will be deactivated.


Use the Google Analytics tracking ID to measure traffic to your Lever-hosted job site. This ID can be copied into the Admin console of your organization's Google Analytics instance by a Google Administrator. For more information on how to add the tracking ID to Google Analytics, refer to Google's help article on how to set up Analytics for a website. Note that your ability to accurately measure traffic is impacted by the cookie settings configured in the company-level settings of your Lever environment (Settings > Company > Compliance).

Tracking settings with Google Analytics tracking id and tracking pixel field.

If your organization is working with a third-party that has provided tracking pixels to track conversion rates, you can embed up to ten of those pixels on your Lever-hosted job site (provided they are image tracking pixels - i.e. not pixels for scripts or iframes). Embedded tracking pixels will fire every time the confirmation page is loaded following the successful submission of an application. For more details, refer to our help article on embedding tracking pixels.

Configuring your job site's application form

From the 'Application' tab on the Job site page, you can review the personal information questions built-in to your site's application form:

  • Resume
  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Current company
  • Pronouns (optional)

These questions cannot be deleted. The 'Full Name' and 'Email' questions are required by default, however you can make the other personal information questions mandatory by clicking the asterisk (*) aligned to their right.

Personal information questions on application form settings


If you wish to give candidates the option to provide their preferred pronouns, click + Pronouns to add a pronouns field to your job site application form. Note, this field cannot be made mandatory. Unlike the other personal information questions, this field can be deleted. For more details, refer to our help article on using the candidate pronouns field.

Click + Add link question to provide applicants with fields on your site's application form to share social and professional online profiles such as their LinkedIn profile or a digital portfolio. Linked questions can be made mandatory by clicking the asterisk (*), removed by clicking the trash can icon, and rearranged by clicking-and-dragging them into place.

Link questions on application form settings

The personal information and link questions on this page will appear on the form that applicants fill out when applying to any of your published postings. Any custom questions added to the posting will also appear on the application form. To learn more, refer to our help article on adding custom application questions to postings.

Block repeat applications

When the 'Block repeat applications' setting is enabled, candidates will be prevented from reapplying to the same job within the timeframe that you define. To enable this setting, move the toggle to the 'on' position and select a waiting period from the dropdown menu.

Block repeat applicants toggle

Applicants attempting to reapply to a posting to which they have already applied (within the timeframe) will be provided with a notice that their application has already been submitted, and advised of the timeframe after which they can reapply.

Preview of message shown to applicant blocked from submitting a repeat application.

Note that this setting will only block candidates from reapplying within the timeframe if they are attempting to reapply via the same Lever-hosted application page. Applicants will not be blocked from applying to different postings within the timeframe. For full details on this feature, refer to our help article on blocking repeat applicants.

Confirmation email

When the confirmation email is enabled, applicants will automatically be sent an email after applying to a published job posting on your external or internal job site. To enable the confirmation email, move the toggle to the 'on' position. Use the email editor to craft a templated email, which you personalize using auto-text tokens. Please note that confirmation emails do not appear in the email section of opportunity profiles.

Confirmation email toggle with email editor

Configuring posting templates

From the 'Posting Templates' tab on the Job site page, you can write opening and closing paragraphs that will auto-fill in the posting editor when members of your team are creating new postings. Use these templated paragraphs to communicate a clear and consistent mission to applicants across postings, while also making the posting creation process more efficient for recruiters and hiring managers.

Posting templates settings with buttons to add default posting templates and templates for specific departments and teams.

You can add templated opening and closing paragraphs for all postings or postings created in association with a specific team, department, and/or location. If you wish to only template the opening or closing paragraph (but not both), select the checkbox beneath the text box for the corresponding paragraph in the template editor.

Opening and closing paragraph template editor.

When a new posting is being drafted, the templated paragraph(s) will appear in the posting editor based on the domain to which the templated paragraphs have been configured to apply (either as the default for all postings, or for postings associated with the specific department, team, or location).

Posting editor with templated opening paragraph outlined.

From this section of your Job Site settings you can also edit and remove posting templates.

List of posting templates in job site settings.

Note that adding, editing, or removing a posting template will affect all postings within its domain of application. For example, if you were to add a default opening and closing paragraph template for all postings after you have created postings in your Lever environment, the templated paragraphs would be retroactively added to those postings.

Branding your Lever-hosted job site

From the 'Logos/Style' tab on your Job site page, you can tailor the aesthetics of your Lever-hosted job site to reflect your organization's brand.

Header logo

Upload a PNG version of your company logo to appear in the header of your job site by either dragging in the image file or clicking Upload file and selecting an image from your computer.

Header logo upload field

Select one of two sizing options for your header image:

  • Classic - the default sizing option; works best with rectangular logos
  • Tall - works best with square logos

The image that you upload must be at least 200px tall, in order to ensure optimal resolution on your job site.

Social media logos

Upload a PNG version of your company logo to appear on postings from your site that are shared on social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook. Some social media sites use square images while others use landscape images. You have options to upload both a square and landscape versions of your logo. In order to ensure optimal resolution no matter which social media site your logo appears on, the images that you upload must meet the following size requirements:

  • Square thumbnail - 1200px x 1200px
  • Landscape thumbnail - 1200px x 630px

For more best practices, refer to our guidelines on logo formatting and sizing.


Customize the color of the buttons on your job site by opening the 'Button color' menu and selecting a color or inputting the hex code for a specific color that matches your organization's brand. We recommend consulting with your organization's design team to get advice on which color to select and/or specific hex codes from your organization's brand kit.

Button color menu set to cerulean and close-up of cerulean colored Apply buttons on job site.

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