How do I create multiple Chrome profiles?


If you use multiple Google accounts (e.g. work, personal, or perhaps multiple companies you recruit for), we recommend setting up Chrome Profiles to simplify your workflow. Managing multiple profiles makes it easier for you to quickly change gears while ensuring that all extensions, apps, history and bookmarks remain synced for each Chrome profile.

To create a new profile, open your Chrome settings by pressing ⌘-, (command + comma key) or F10.

Scroll down to "People" and click on "Add Person" to set up a new Chrome Profile.

Next, you’ll create a name for your profile and choose whether or not you’d like to create a desktop shortcut icon for it. Finally, click the “Create” button and a new window will open with the new user profile.

Please note that the first time you create a new profile, the session that you’re currently using will be split out into it’s own profile and be designated as the “Default Profile”. This profile can be renamed in the “People” section of the settings menu.

To switch between profiles, simply click the icon in the upper righthand corner of your browser window and click “Switch person” to open a menu of all of the user profiles you’ve created.

Logging into Lever uses your work email address, not personal email or other work accounts. Setting up Chrome Profiles will help keep your workspaces separate!

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