How do I create interview feedback forms?

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Feedback templates can be customized and created in the “Feedback” section of Settings. To build a new form, click on the “New form” button. You can add a title and any specific instructions for your interviewers at the top of the blank form. 

New questions can be added to the form by clicking the “Add another question” button at the bottom of the page. Questions can be rearranged by clicking the up and down arrows. An existing form can be duplicated by selecting it and then clicking the “Duplicate” button, located immediately under the blue “X” button on the top left hand side of the feedback form. To undo changes you’ve made to a form before saving the form, click the “Reset” button, located immediately underneath the duplicate button. Clicking on the “Delete” button will delete the form from all groups and postings where it appears. 

The default response format for new questions is a single line of text. Question formats can easily be customized by clicking on the default response and selecting a different response type. Boxes for text and code can be utilized for longform responses while multiple choice, yes/no, checkbox and scorecard formats can be used to easily record information about a candidate.

You can group similar feedback forms together into feedback form groups. New groups can be created using the “New Group” button next to the “New Form” button. Forms can be dragged and dropped from one group into another. This allows you to group feedback forms in any manner you’d like! For example, if there are specific feedback forms that you’d only like to use for mobile engineer interviews, you can easily group them together.


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