How does search work in Lever?

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Search allows you to narrow down your candidate list to help you find the exact candidates you’re looking for. Lever searches across both active and archived candidates.

Lever’s search is smart! When searching for “Jon,” for example, it will pull up results for both “Jon” and “Jonathan,” even if the nickname “Jon” is never mentioned in the candidate’s profile.

Everything associated with a candidate’s profile is searchable in Lever, including content, notes, and feedback. Not only are candidate’s names searchable, but all of the parseable content in a resume, notes, and feedback within a profile is also searchable. But let’s say you’re looking to hire engineers that used to work at Google. When you type “Google” into the search bar, your results will include any mention of the word “Google.”

That’s why we’ve designed fields. Fields allow you to search for specific attributes within a candidate’s profile.


Searchable fields include:

tags tags:Javascript
source tags sources:LinkedIn
location location:Miami
companies orgs:Google
job titles titles:Designer
education schools:Stanford
email address
interviewer rating cards:"4 - Strong Hire"

When using fields in search, don’t include a space in between the field and the search term, and use quotation marks to search for a field with multiple words.


You can also search by interviewer rating by using a field called "cards". This will allow you to filter out candidates by the numerical feedback provided by interviewers. For example, to find all candidates who have received the highest scores, search for cards:"4 - Strong Hire". The default formatting for cards is:

  • cards:"4 - Strong Hire"
  • cards:"3 - Hire"
  • cards:"2 - No Hire"
  • cards:"1 - Strong No Hire"

Note: If you have customized this scoring system with text that’s different from the default, you’ll have to use that exact text in order to search by interviewer rating (e.g. cards:“4 - Move forward to onsite interview”).


You can also search for multiple fields at once using AND, OR, and NOT. Note that these will only work when using the searchable text fields / operators as defined in the table above. 

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