How can I report on my team’s offer data?

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How many offers has our team extended in the past quarter? How many offers get revised before they are finalized and signed? And how many open offers do we have out to candidates?

All of these questions, and many more, can be answered through Lever's Offers Report.

Within the Offers Report, you’ll see a number of the most essential data points about a candidate’s offer, including:

  • Basic candidate info (Name, Owner, Job title)
  • Offer status (Started, Sent, Opened, or Signed)
  • Revisions (The number of times that the offer has been edited by a member of your team)
  • Start date
  • Salary amount
  • Equity amount 
  • Equity type (ISO, NSO, RSU, ESOP, or Other)
  • Created on (Date that the offer was created)

Not only can you view all of these fields within the Offers Report, but you can also sort all candidates by any of these fields by clicking on the field header. 

To navigate to the Offers Report, head over to the Reports section of the app and click on “Offers”:

Once you’re here, you can filter the report by a specific date range:

In addition, Lever tracks each and every time that an offer is revised and exposes this data within the “Revisions” column. You can even click on any of these column headers to sort your candidate data by this field: 

Lever’s Offers Report makes it easy to track all of your data about the offers your team is generating in the app to ensure that you have the data you need to make actionable decisions and close the best candidates. 

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