How are offers sent out for approval?

Available for User roles All users can approve. Admins and Super Admins can configure
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Getting offers out to candidates as quickly as possible is critical in keeping up with your hiring goals. With Lever’s offer approval feature, your offers will be approved in record time. Lever empowers you to create customizable offer approval workflows to ensure that each stakeholder — finance, HR, the hiring manager, etc. — is on board with the offer you’ve generated. Here’s how:

Approval Workflow Setup 

Begin by setting up an approval chain. You can find instructions on how to set up an approval workflow in the following article:

Offer Setup

Once you have set up your approval chains, you can now put them to use! Begin the offer flow on a candidate profile:


Next, you'll have the opportunity to add all of the offer details:


Afterwards, you'll be brought to the Offer Approval flow that you've created specifically for this role:


On this step, you can customize the approval request email notification that the approvers will receive. You can choose which resumes and files from the profile should be attached to the email notification, and if interview feedback should be included.

After sending the offer approval request, an approval email will be sent to each of your stakeholders:


After the offer has been approved by all stakeholders, you can go ahead and proceed forward to send the finalized offer to the candidate!



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