How can I build an offer approval workflow?

Getting offers out to candidates as quickly as possible is critical in keeping up with your hiring goals. With Lever’s offer approval feature, your offers will be approved in record time. Lever empowers you to create customizable offer approval workflows to ensure that each stakeholder – finance, HR, the hiring manager, etc. – is on board with the offer you’ve generated. Here’s how:



Navigate to the Offers Settings page, and click on the Approvals tab. (If you don't see the tab in your Offers Settings, that means you're seeing our new layout! Please navigate to the Approvals page and click on the Offers tab.)




Click to add a default approval:




Add each stakeholder as an approver. 



Add as many approvers as you'd like to the chain. 




Click "Save" changes when you're done. 




Get granular: build custom approval chains by team, by location, and by job posting commitment. Or all three!



After recording the offer details for each candidate, you can then send the details of the offer along to your predefined stakeholders for their approval. Lever will generate an email with all of the essential offer details to your approvers. And you can count on Lever to send those emails out in the right order at the right time. Here's an article for further info sending those approval emails!


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