How do I bulk edit candidate profiles?

Save time and bulk edit multiple candidate profiles at once.

You can select all candidates in your pipeline or a specific stage, or manually select the ones you'd like to change. Just click on the check box at the top of the candidates list or next to the candidates' names:

After you do this, pop over to the action bar, where you can do the following:

Click on the "v" button at the end of the action bar for more options:

  • Add posting
  • Change owner
  • Merge profiles
  • Change origin
  • Delete (unadvised)
  • Unarchive candidates (only available when you are viewing archived candidates)
  • Cancel campaigns (only available to customers using Lever Nurture)

A couple of things to note:

  • You cannot recover deleted candidate profiles from within Lever.
  • You cannot undo a bulk-archive.
  • Make sure you're in the correct pipeline stage before selecting all candidates in that view.
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