How can I associate an interview with a specific job posting?

You have the option to select which job posting an interview is associated with. 

Since Lever is a candidate-centric system, a candidate can be active for multiple job postings in your account at once. This is a force multiplier when it comes to candidate screening for multiple roles.

But when a candidate gets to the interview stage, your interviewers need to to be informed about which posting they are interviewing the candidate for. And when it comes to reporting, your team needs to be able to report on the exact number of interviews conducted for each and every open job posting.

For this reason, when you are scheduling an interview, you must select exactly which job posting the interview is associated with. Still not sure about which role the candidate will be the best fit for? Have no fear! You can absolutely associate the interview with all open job postings associated with this candidate.  

Accidentally scheduled the candidate for an interview with an incorrect job posting? No worries! You can always make a change to associate the interview with the correct job posting through the rescheduling flow.

What does this look like from the perspective of an interviewer?

Your interviewers will see the one job posting that you selected when scheduling the interview in the invite sent out in the calendar invite:

They will also see the job posting selected in the “Instructions” tab of the interviewer’s feedback form:

How does this work with Interview Panels?

When you select an interview panel to input into the candidate’s schedule, the same job posting that you selected for the panel will, by default, also be chosen as the posting that the candidate is interviewing for.


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