How do I add new employees to Lever?

Available for User roles Super Admins and Admins
Packages Select Lever packages

We strongly encourage you to integrate signing into Lever as part of your onboarding process for new employees. If you add new users to Lever from the get-go, you encourage the entire team to join in on recruiting efforts.

Adding new employees

There are two ways for new employees to join Lever and contribute to hiring:

1. Send an invitation

Super Admins and Admins can invite new colleagues to use Lever from the Settings page.


In the "Users" tab, click on the blue "+ Add new user" button in the upper lefthand corner.


The first step will prompt you to enter the new user’s work email address and full name, and associate the new user with their hired candidate profile. (Learn more about why it’s important to link a user to their profile in this help article.)


On the next screen, choose the user’s access role. For an overview of access roles, check out this article.


If you select any access role that is not "Interviewer", we’ll present you with options for configuring the types of candidate profiles that the user will automatically follow. Users will automatically follow candidates who have the specific tag(s) or posting(s) that you’ve designated.

Since Limited Team Members can only access and search for candidates that they follow, this is the best time to configure their user. Please see this help article for more information on how to configure Limited Team Members' access.

Users with the Interviewer access role cannot view or follow any profiles.

Learn more about the benefits of following in this help article.

Once the invitation is sent, it will appear as a pending invitation on the Team settings page. You can always click on the invitation to make changes.

2. Logging in without an invitation (available to G Suite and Office 365 users with Single-sign-on enabled in Lever)

Anyone within your email domain (e.g., can log in at with the “Interviewer” role, the most basic access role. Until their access is upgraded by a Super Admin or Admin, they will only have access to one page in Lever, Interviews, where employees can complete interview feedback and make referrals.

What happens after a user logs into Lever for the first time?

After a user successfully creates their account, they will appear in the User list on the Team settings page. The third column will indicate the level of candidate profile access the user has:

  • Super Admin, Admins, Team Members: All
  • Limited Team Members: Limited, their tag and posting following configuration
  • Interviewers: None

Click anywhere on the user’s information row to edit the user! When editing a user, you can change their name, email address, access role, and tag/posting following. The edit menu also enables you to deactivate the user and reactivate a deactivated user.


Tip: If you have a long list of colleagues to invite to Lever, we can help so you don't have to send individual invitations! Please submit a request and we'll be in touch.

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