What is Last Interaction?

Available for User roles Super Admins, Admins, Team Members, Limited Team Members
Packages Select Lever packages

Last Interaction allows you to understand the last time that a "profile story" was created on a candidate.

By using the Last Interaction filter, you'll be able to gain a quick glance of candidates who have been stagnant in your pipeline a bit too long. This is a great indication of which candidates you should reach out to so that no one slips through the cracks!


What counts as an interaction?

Profile stories include:

  • Change in stage
  • Archiving a profile. (If there are multiple applications on the profile, and you only choose to archive one of the applications, that still counts as a "story".)
  • Snoozing a candidate
  • Scheduling an interview
  • Adding a feedback form
  • Adding a note
  • Adding a file to the files section on the candidate's profile
  • Adding a resume to the resumes section on the candidate's profile

The below count as an interaction when the threads have synced with the candidate profile:

  • Sending an email to a candidate
  • Receiving an email from a candidate
  • Sending an InMail to a candidate (only possible if you have the LinkedIn Recruiter integration enabled)
  • Receiving an InMail from a candidate

Note: Please note that when your LinkedIn Recruiter integration is first set up, this will sync InMails to their respective candidate profiles and update their last interaction dates.

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