My company's logo is getting cropped when I post links to LinkedIn. Why?

UPDATE: You can now upload company logos in multiple sizes to optimize images across various social sites.

If you post a link to one of your job postings to LinkedIn's newsfeed, you might find that your logo gets cropped (see image).

Before we discuss solutions, here's some background: LinkedIn recommends a standard size for images in shared links – 180px / 110px. But this size doesn't accommodate for the majority of logos. Logos come in all kinds of sizes! Also, 180px / 110px doesn't work with Facebook's posting requirements. Facebook needs images to be bigger than 200px / 200px to show it when you post a job posting link.

When you first set up your Lever account, we usually recommend that you send us a large logo (larger than 200px width and height), because it works well with most social media sites, including LinkedIn. 

But in cases where your logo gets cropped, try this – use an image editing program (like Sketch or Photoshop), and put your logo in a box that is sized exactly like another logo that is not cropped. Below are some sizes we've found to work:

When you put your logo in one of these sizes, it doesn't matter if some white space is left over. What's important is that the image is exactly the size of one the examples, and that you show your entire logo in the image. (See image).

Once you've created your new logo image, send it to us at

LinkedIn takes at least two days to "see" your new image, so the "uncropped" logo might not appear right away.

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