Stopping Indeed from scraping Lever-hosted job postings



Indeed does not scrape job sites for Lever accounts that were implemented after the release of Lever's Indeed integration in June 2022. If your Lever account was implemented prior to June 2022 and you have not enabled the Indeed integration, read on for instructions on how to stop Indeed from scraping your job postings. Check out our Indeed integration help article to learn more.

Indeed may scrape your Lever-hosted jobs pages, potentially causing an influx of unqualified applicants. If you know that Indeed is scraping your Lever-hosted jobs and you would like them to stop, you can do so by contacting them at:

Indeed does not provide an option to automatically opt-out of scraping, therefore you must instruct them to do so directly via email or the form linked above. For convenience, use the following message template when reaching out to Indeed:

To Indeed,

Please stop scraping our job postings website immediately for {COMPANY NAME}. Our job are posted at the following address: {} Please do not send me marketing or sales material, but turn off Indeed scraping immediately.


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