How do I add compensation and requisition details to a posting?

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The fields for adding compensation and requisition codes to a posting described and depicted below are remnants of an older versions of Lever's interface. These fields will only be visible in Lever instances that were set-up prior to and inclusive of 2017.  Also note, the functionality described below is separate from the process of actually connecting a job posting with a requisition in Lever, information on which can be found in the following support article: How do I associate a requisition with a job posting?

When creating a posting in Lever, you can include extra details in internal posting fields. This is only visible to Admins and Team Members. Team Member - Limited users and Interviewers do not have access to the information detailed here.

The internal posting information includes three fields:

  • Requisition code - A code that uniquely identifies this position in your company’s Human Resources Information System (HRIS).

  • Compensation band - The salary range for this position.

  • Position level - The level of this job within your organization. This field is customizable by simply typing directly into this field. We’ve included five of the most common choices (Junior, Mid, Senior, Manager, Executive).

These details are not publicly visible in your job posting.

To add these details in a posting, click into the Settings tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the corresponding fields.

When entering the “Compensation band,” please only use numbers (leave out the commas).

When looking at a candidate’s profile, you’ll be able to see these job posting details by hovering over the “Information” icon. 

You will then see the requisition code, compensation band, and position level associated with that specific posting.

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