What is the difference between access roles in Lever?


Reporting Access


* See all candidates – Limited Team Members can see all candidates that have tags and job postings they follow. Super Admins and Admins decide which tags and postings Limited Team Members follow.

** See interview feedback – Limited Team Members can see feedback based on the configuration you've set on your company settings page.

*** Access job posting dashboards – Limited Team Members can view the specific dashboards for job postings that they follow.

Cheat sheet:

  • Super Admins: HR Director, VP of HR
  • Admins: Lead Recruiter, Recruiter, Head of Recruiting
  • Team Members: Recruiting Coordinators, Schedulers, Sourcers
  • Limited Team Members: Hiring Managers
  • Interviewers: The rest of the team


For customers who are live with Lever's new Sensitive Information Privileges 

Please note: This is an upcoming product change that we are rolling out to our customers gradually over the coming months. Contact our support team for further information! 



Role detailsScreen_Shot_2017-09-19_at_2.22.29_PM.png

Sensitive Information Privileges

Grant permission to private information on candidate profiles (Learn more). Sensitive Information Privileges gives access to:

  • Secret notes, feedback, forms, and emails
  • Offers
  • Hired candidate profiles

Users with Full permissions have privileges for all candidates and can also fully manage all job postings, including the team, location, owner, and hiring manager.

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