What are the keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys in Lever?

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We know that keyboard shortcuts can increase your efficiency and streamline certain tasks. For this reason, Lever has a number of keyboard shortcuts built into the app, and we're working to add more! Here are a few shortcuts that will dramatically improve your workflow:

  • Use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to move from one candidate profile to the next when viewing a candidate profile.


  • Click on the candidate profile page and hit the SPACE BAR or the PAGE DOWN key to scroll down the profile.


  • Click the "ESC" button to leave a candidate profile.



  •  When viewing a candidate's resume, click the "ESC" button to exit the candidate's resume. 


  • If you'd like to select multiple candidates, hold down the COMMAND button to select candidates individually, or the SHIFT button to select a group of candidates at once. 



  • Click the "/" key and it will bring your cursor directly into the search bar


 We hope that you find these shortcuts helpful and effective!

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