Legacy Reports: Overview

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin
Permissions Cannot be accessed by users assigned to custom roles
Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise


Following the successful launch of Visual Insights a year ago, we are announcing the deprecation of Legacy Reporting. As of October 2023, new users to Lever will not have access to Legacy Reporting. Legacy Reporting will be removed from Lever for current users with next year's Fall Release, targeted for November 2024

Visual Insights will become the default (and only) reporting experience within the Lever platform. If you’re unfamiliar, Visual Insights is a series of ready-to–use dashboards, built from customer feedback and industry best practices. 

Check out this article regarding the transition from Legacy Reporting to Visual InsightsIf you have any questions or concerns about this upcoming change, please feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or submit a request for assistance.

The following reports are available in the Reports section of your Lever instance:

Candidate stats
The total number of active candidates at any stage of your pipeline during the specified date range.

Conversion rates
Measure the volume of candidates who were moved from one stage to another stage or were archived in the interview process during the specified date range.

Pipeline speed
The average amount of time candidates have spent in each stage of your pipeline during the specified date range. 

The total number of interview panels and interview events that occurred in each stage of your active pipeline during the specified date range.

Interview calibration
Understand how each member of your team has performed, how many interviews they have conducted, and how feedback forms have fared in the scope of the interview process during the specified date range.

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