What do the pipeline stages mean? How can I customize my pipeline?

Available for User roles Super Admins, Admins, Team Members
Products Available on all Lever packages.

Candidates move through a unified pipeline during the interview process. We display the pipeline stages in three distinct sections, in order to help you focus on the overall health of your pipeline.

Default layout:

  • Lead tab: New Lead*, Reached Out*, Responded*
  • Applicant tab: New Applicant*
  • Interview tab: Recruiter Screen, Phone Interview, On-site Interview, Offer

Alternative example:

  • Lead tab: New Lead*, Reached Out*, Responded*
  • Applicant tab: New Applicant*, Contacted
  • Interview tab: Recruiter Screen, Phone Interview, On-site Interview, On-site Interview 2, Reference Checks, Offer

* These stages are required and cannot be deleted. The tabs/sections cannot be reordered.

What's the difference between "New applicant" vs. "New lead"?

The default for most candidates will be "New Applicant". These are people who apply through your jobs page and referrals who have explicitly expressed an interest in a role / your company.

"New leads" are sourced candidates that may or may not be aware of the opportunities at your company. Here's an example: adding someone whose AngelList profile you stumble upon and want your recruiter to reach out for a conversation (with or without a particular position in mind). To import a candidate this way, you can use the Lever Chrome extension or by emailing a resume to lead@hire.lever.co. Learn more about sourcing candidates via the extension here.

How can I customize my pipeline?

Simply fill out this form and we'll implement the change right away! Please make sure to include if you would like us to rename or delete your current stages. Also, keep in mind that we can only delete empty stages so make sure that you move any candidates that are inside the stage you wish to delete. Lastly, you may want to check with your team first as the change will affect everyone in the company for all positions. 

What about archive reasons?

We can also customize these for you! Commonly used archive reasons:

  • Location
  • Comp expectations
  • Visa status
  • Not interested/no response
  • Keep warm

How should I use the "Offer" stage?

Place candidates in the "Offer" stage when you are ready to send an offer. We encourage you to use our Offers feature to send offers from Lever or track offers sent outside of Lever. Once the candidate accepts, make sure to archive them as "Hired." This does several things:

  1. Since you no longer need to "work" on the candidate, the candidate will move to your archived list.
  2. All notes/feedback on the candidate will only be visible to Super Admins and those with Sensitive Information Privileges, which can be granted to Admins and Team Members. To prevent hired candidates from seeing their own information, we recommend linking the Hired candidate's profile to their Lever account within Team Settings. This means that when accepted candidates join the company and gain access to Lever, they will not be able to read feedback from their own interview process if their profile is linked and if they are a Limited Team Member or Interviewer.
  3. This ensures accurate reporting/tracking.
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