How do I track sources / create custom URLs for posting to job boards?

Want to manually cross-post your Lever-hosted job postings to job boards?

Start by creating a custom link for the job description or job application page you would like to post. The link you make should follow this format:

The link should look familiar! We've simply tacked on ?lever-origin=applied&lever-source%5B%5D=JOBBOARDNAME to the end of a regular Lever-hosted posting link. Just make sure to replace "JOBBOARDNAME" with the actual name of the job board!

Once you have your custom link, navigate to the job board you're interested in and create a posting through that job board's interface. In your job board posting, direct candidates to apply through the special link. 

When a candidate completes an application through this custom link, the candidate profile will have "Applied" as the Origin and "JOBBOARDNAME" as a source tag. To see these candidates, you can filter your candidate pipeline by this source tag.

(If you're sharing these links with university job boards or job fairs, you can choose to set the Origin to be "University." And learn more about working with agencies here!)

How do I report on these candidates?

Track the candidates you're receiving from these job boards by filtering your reports with the appropriate source tag. 

How does this work?

When a candidate arrives to your jobs page using the custom link you've set up, Lever will place a cookie on their browser to track that source on the candidate profile and in reporting. Even if the candidate doesn't apply at the point, but navigates to your home page and goes to your jobs page several days later, the cookie will still be able to track the source from the original custom link.

What other options do I have?

For customers on Starter, Professional, and Enterprise editions, we offer built-in integrations with a variety of job boards. With Linkedin and Glassdoor you have the ability to push all your public job openings with one click. You may also choose to post specific jobs to specialized job boards that focus on a particular applicant pool. Learn more about doing that here!

For a full overview of publishing to job boards, take a look at this brief video:



Additional Notes

  • You can learn more about embedding track pixels to your Lever-hosted job site here.
  • If you were using Lever's previous custom URL ending with "?lever-source=SourceTag," your application links will still function properly.
  • If you need to define a space in the custom URL, insert a "%20" where you would put a space. So if I want the source tag to say "Job Board", the custom URL would say "Job%20Board".
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