What’s the difference between an External, Internal, Unlisted, Confidential, Closed, and Draft job posting?

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There are six different job posting states within Lever: External, Internal, Unlisted, Confidential, Closed, and Draft.



(1) EXTERNAL job postings are postings that will appear on your public careers page. These are job postings that are open to the public: candidates can apply to each of these jobs. You’ll want to mark a job posting as external when you have an open job that you are hoping to fill, and you are actively looking for applicants.

(2) INTERNAL job postings are postings that will appear on your internal job site. Only members of your team with a Lever account will be able to access and apply to internal job postings. You can learn how to create an internal job site here.

Tip: You also have the option to display posting on both your external and internal job sites.

(3) UNLISTED job postings are postings that will NOT appear on your external or internal job sites. Nevertheless, you can absolutely add unlisted postings to candidates, and members of your team can refer friends and former colleagues to one of these unlisted job postings. Please also note that anyone with the link to the unlisted posting can apply for the role.

Tip: Unlisted postings are helpful if you are actively sourcing for a role but do not want to accept any external or internal applicants.

(4) CONFIDENTIAL job postings are postings that will NOT appear on your external or internal job sites.  Robust and precise access controls ensure that visibility into these postings, as well as any candidates tied to them, can be restricted to a small subset of involved stakeholders. Once a role is set to confidential, this action cannot be undone and the state can then only be set to closed.  

Tip: Confidential postings are helpful when hiring for sensitive roles, such as executives and planned backfills of existing employees.

(5) CLOSED job postings are postings that will NOT appear on your public jobs site, likely because they are roles that you’ve already filled! You’ll want to keep a job posting in the closed state instead of deleting it so that you can easily build reports on this specific job posting. If you and your team re-open the role, you can always move a closed posting back to internal, external, or unlisted.

(6) DRAFT job postings are postings that you are actively still putting together. Draft postings will NOT appear on your public jobs site. Once you’ve finalized the description associated with this new job posting, you’ll want to change the state of the posting to external, internal, or unlisted.  


Editing a posting’s state

When first creating a posting, you must decide where you’d like it to be displayed. You can set the state to external, internal, external + internalunlisted, or confidential from the “Posting distribution and visibility” section. These options will only be displayed after choosing a posting title, location, and team.  

Note: Only Super Admins and Admins will see the option to Set as confidential.


To edit an existing posting, click on the posting and change the state from the top-level bar. Note: Once a role has been set to confidential, it will remain confidential permanently and cannot be converted to a published posting (external, internal, unlisted).  




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