How do I enable Namely integration?

As an official Namely partner, Lever makes it easy to automatically push hired candidate information into Namely. 

Streamline the recruiting to HR process by allowing candidate information to flow seamlessly into Namely once a candidate is hired in Lever. The candidate data from Lever will dynamically populate a new Namely employee profile, minimizing the time spent on manual data entry.


When a candidate is imported from Lever into Namely, here is the data that gets transferred.
Fields taken from a candidate's profile:
Lever Candidate Field
Namely Profile Field
(required) Candidate's name
First name (Text), Last name (Text)
(required) Candidate's email
Email (Text)
Phone Number
Phone number on the candidate profile
Home Phone (Text)
We use the first file on the candidate as the resume.
Resume (File)
Hire Date
Date when candidate is archived as hired
Start Date (Date)

Fields taken from the posting of the application for which the candidate is hired:

Lever Profile Field
Namely Profile Field
Job Posting Requisition Code
The requisition code on the job posting (can be specified under posting settings)
Job title (ID)

Enable this integration in Lever

To enable this integration, you'll need to be a Super Admin of your Lever account. Navigate to your account's Integrations page in Settings.

When you toggle on the Namely integration, you will be prompted to enter the company url used for your Namely account, as well as a permanent access token generated through Namely (see below).

 To confirm that you have entered all information correctly, click the verify button. This will send a test request to Namely to ensure that Lever can successfully authenticate using the company url and permanent access token you provided.

Congratulations, youre all set up!
Next time you mark a candidate as hired in Lever, a new employee record will be created in Namely. Hire on!
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