How do I enable the Namely integration?

Available for User roles Super Admins
Plans Professional & Enterprise

As an official Namely partner, Lever makes it easy to automatically push hired candidate information into Namely. Streamline the recruiting to HR process and minimize time spent on manual data entry.

With our robust and flexible integration, as soon as a candidate is archived as “Hired” in Lever, they’ll be synced into Namely. If your company has set up Namely Onboarding, you can opt to export new hires from Lever into Namely Onboarding, which will create inactive new hire profiles with draft onboarding sessions. Otherwise, you can choose to export hired candidates into Namely’s HRIS.


When a candidate is imported from Lever into Namely, here is the data that gets transferred.
Fields taken from a candidate’s profile:
Lever Candidate Field
Namely Profile Field
(required) Candidate’s name
First name (Text), Last name (Text)
(required) Candidate’s email
Email (Text)
Phone Number
Phone number on the candidate profile
Home Phone (Text)
We use the first file on the candidate as the resume.
Resume (File)
Hire Date OR Anticipated Start Date

If you’ve sent an offer through Lever, we’ll use the start date from the offer letter

If we can’t find a start date, we’ll use the date when a candidate was archived as hired

Start Date (Date)


Fields taken from the posting of the application for which the candidate is hired:


Lever Profile Field
Namely Profile Field
Job Posting Title
If there’s a matching job posting title in Namely, it will be displayed on the candidate’s profile in Namely. If not, job title will be blank.
Job title (Text)

Enable this integration in Lever

To enable this integration, you’ll need to be a Super Admin of your Lever account. Navigate to your account’s Integrations page in Settings, and scroll down to the HRIS and onboarding section. Namely_Onboarding.png

When you toggle on the Namely integration, you will be prompted to enter the company URL (also known as a permalink) used for your Namely account, as well as a personal access token from Namely.

Creating a Personal Access Token in Namely

To generate a personal access token, follow the steps below:

1. Login to Namely as the user account that you wish to use for the key creation

2. Click on your profile image in the top right corner of the window and select “API”


3. Select “Personal Access Tokens”


4. Enter a token name into the text field and select “Create”


Once complete, Namely will generate a personal access token for your use which you can add to the Namely integration settings in Lever.

For more information, take a look at Namely’s API authentication documentation.

Tip: For Company URL, make sure this is an EXACT match with the spelling you use for your Namely account (

To confirm that you have entered all information correctly, click “Verify Connection”. This will send a test request to Namely to ensure that Lever can successfully authenticate using the Company URL and personal access token you provided.


Once the button says “Verified”, you’re all set up!

Next time you archive a candidate as hired in Lever, the candidate’s profile information will be pushed into Namely. If you’ve selected to sync with Namely HRIS, a new employee record will be created. If you’ve selected to sync with Namely Onboarding, a draft onboarding session will be created. Hire on!


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