Why am I seeing emails on the wrong candidate profile?

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Have you ever sent a similar email to multiple candidates and had both of the emails end up in the same 'conversation' in your Gmail or Outlook inbox? How frustrating is that? Well, since Lever is relying on those inboxes, the same thing can happen here, but we have a way for you to avoid it!

Why does this happen? Lever relies on email threading algorithms in order to thread emails within Lever.

Gmail and Outlook both occasionally choose to thread together messages that have identical subject lines. Unfortunately, this can create a situation where replies to bulk-messaged emails in Lever are all synced onto just one candidate profile, instead of distributed across the various recipient profiles.

We understand that efficiency is important, and bulk emails are a great tool within Lever so we wanted to do our best to avoid these types of ‘threading nightmares’.

You can be 100% sure to avoid this situation by changing the subject lines of emails sent to different candidates when bulk-messaging.

We suggest using the candidate's first name in the subject line. Not only will this aid you in avoiding any email threading issues, but it will add a personable feel to your candidate touchpoints. You can use the auto-text token to automate adding the candidate's first name!

Just add {{Candidate first name}} to any subject line and you’re ready to connect!

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