How does Lever’s Gmail sync work?



This is an opt-in feature. Lever only syncs email with your permission.

How do I enable Gmail sync?

You need to give Lever permission to access Gmail. Just tick the “Email” permissions box on your account settings page. Once permissions have been set up, you’re ready to receive emails from candidates.


Please note:

The Lever/Gmail integration depends on IMAP to sync emails from your inbox. If IMAP is disabled at the individual or organization level, email syncing won't work. If you don't want to allow IMAP, please see this article for more information on our Limited Sync option: How does Lever’s limited email sync work?

What is synced?

All email threads that originate from within Lever will be automatically synced.

To sync older conversations with a candidate, go to the candidate’s profile and click on the refresh symbol next to the candidate’s email address. You can also navigate to the profile’s “Emails” tab and click on the “import candidate email” button to accomplish the same refresh.


Making emails secret

Just like notes and feedback forms, you can make emails secret by clicking on the lock icon. The ‘secret’ mode is applied to the entire thread and makes it visible to only to the person making the email secret, email participants, Super Admins, and Admins. It’s not possible to make individual emails inside a thread secret.


Deleting emails

Lever will never delete any emails from your Gmail account. Clicking the trash icon next to the email will remove the email from the candidate profile, but keep the original intact in your email inbox.


Can I sync emails other members of my team have received?

Lever only syncs with your own Gmail account. Lever can’t sync with someone’s Gmail inbox without their permission. When a team member has granted permission to sync emails, only they can decide if they want to import older conversations.

I’m not seeing any emails from a candidate I know I’ve emailed

Make sure that the email address on the candidate’s profile in Lever matches the one in Gmail. Then try following the earlier instructions for syncing emails to pull the relevant email thread into Lever.


Can I add a candidate from Gmail?

Yes, you can — create a new profile and easily sync an email thread using our extension! You can also use our extension to add an email thread to existing profiles.

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