How do multiple people work on a posting?


Often, multiple recruiters and hiring managers are collaborating to recruit, vet, and close candidates for a position. To make communication and collaboration among stakeholders even more seamless, you have the ability to “Follow” specific postings.

Following a posting provides an easy way for multiple users to keep tabs on all candidates who have applied to a job. This ensures that everyone involved in the hiring process for a specific posting is in sync and up to speed at all times.

If you are a follower of a specific posting, you automatically become a follower of every candidate who applies to that posting on your website or is applied to that posting internally. While every job posting has one owner and one hiring manager, there can be multiple “followers.” Adding followers to a specific posting can be done easily from within the posting itself:

You can choose to follow or unfollow the posting yourself using the Following / Follow bell icon near the top, or you can add or remove followers in the Following section in the right hand pane. 

Now that you’ve chosen to follow a posting or two, you’ll see each of the candidates associated with the position(s) when you filter the Candidates list by the “Followed candidates” filter. You’ve been automatically added as a follower of every candidate assigned to this posting! 


Lastly, you’ll receive one daily email with information about new candidates who have applied to postings that you’re following. You’re automatically subscribed to these emails, but they can be turned off in the “My Account” tab in Settings


Learn more about Following in this help article.

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