How do I receive candidates from external recruiters or agencies?

Getting started

A Super Admin or Admin on your team must add all recruiting agency domains to your team's agency blacklist. This “blacklist” prevents applications belonging to your recruiting agencies from merging into one candidate profile.

Below, we have outlined two options for working with a recruiting agency, but we think the first one works much better. 

Option 1 (recommended)

Agency recruiters submit candidate applications through a custom URL.

You can manually create a custom link for the job description or job application pages and provide it to your agency recruiters. For a job description page, the link you’ll create will look like this:

In this example, we’ve simply tacked on "?lever-origin=agency&lever-source%5B%5D=AGENCYNAME" to the end of a regular link.

When a recruiter completes an application through this custom link, the candidate profile will have “Agency” as the Origin and "AGENCYNAME" as a source tag. Create a custom link for each agency you work with, and they’re set!


  • We suggest using the “Additional Information” field at the bottom of the application form to provide more background on the candidate, but avoid salary details. This field’s information cannot be marked secret within Lever.
  • If an agency would like to submit details that are automatically made secret, we recommend providing them with a custom application question that is set to make responses secret.
  • If the candidate email address is private or unavailable, recruiters should put their agency email address in the email field. If their domain is correctly set on the blacklist, this will help us understand that each application from the agency should create separate profiles.
  • If you need to define a space in the custom URL, insert a “%20” where you would put a space. So if I want the source tag to say “Agency Name”, the custom URL would say “Agency%20Name”.

Option 2

Agency recruiters send candidates to an email address which auto-forwards into Lever.

Ask your IT admin to set up an email address for external recruiters on your company domain (e.g.

Set up the email address to forward to or Check out the instructions for doing that here.

When recruiters send resumes to the address, candidates will automatically show up in Lever. Make sure the resume is a valid, readable file.


  • To tag candidates with job titles or the agency’s name, the recruiters can include hashtags in the subject line (e.g. #agencyname).
  • You cannot add postings or source tags to the profile using this method. This must be done manually after the profile has been created.

What’s a query parameter? Also known as a query string, it’s a snippet of text added to the end of the URL for tracking purposes. When someone submits an application on from an application form with a query parameter after the URL, we know to take special action based on the value after the equals sign.

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