How do I add multiple / import many candidates?

There are two options for adding multiple candidates at once

1) Attach resumes to an email to [email protected] or [email protected]. For detailed instructions, go to Adding candidates via email. The limit is 15 resumes per email message.

2) Create a spreadsheet using this template, shoot us a message with your spreadsheet (saved in a CSV format), and we’ll help you with the import!

*IMPORTANT* The following columns must be filled out:

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Lever Posting URL (if assigning the candidate to a posting)
  • Stage
  • Sources
  • Origin (choose one from this fixed list: Applied, Sourced, Referred, University, Agency)

A couple of other items to note:

  • Each new row will create a new candidate profile in Lever.
  • Preserve all column headings.
  • If you’d like resumes attached to the profiles, send a zip file with the PDF and Word files along with the spreadsheet.
  • Separate multiple links with a comma followed by a space.
  • Separate multiple email addresses with a comma, no space.
  • Separate multiple tags with a comma, no space.
  • Separate multiple sources with a comma, no space.
  • Be sure to name things exactly. For example:
    1. “New Lead” for Stage, not “Lead”
    2. “JohnSmith_Resume.pdf” for Resume Filename, not “John Smith resume”
  • Lever relies on email addresses to catch duplicate profiles. Make sure the Email column is accurate, so the CSV uploader can check against existing profiles.
  • Not sure what the difference is between sources and origin? Check out this help article.
  • Want to mark a note secret? In the "IsSecretNote" column, write “yes”. Keep it lowercase and don’t use spaces.
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