How do I add multiple / import many candidates?

Available for User roles Super Admins and Admins or Users with a Super Admin or Admin cc'ed on request
Packages Select Lever packages

There are two options for adding multiple candidates at once

1) Email

Attach resumes to an email to or For detailed instructions, go to Adding candidates via email. The limit is 15 resumes per email message.


2) CSV Request

Create a spreadsheet using this template, shoot us a message with your spreadsheet (saved in a CSV format), and we’ll help you with the import!

Please note: CSV files must meet the following format requirements:
  1. CSV files must be provided in a comma-delimited format. Semi-colon and other delimiters are not acceptable
  2. File names must be provided without spaces or special characters. Allowed characters are: a-z, 0-9, underscores (_) and dashes (-)
  3. Files must be limited to 55,000 rows

*IMPORTANT* The following columns must be filled out:

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Lever Posting URL (if assigning the candidate to a posting)
  • Stage
  • Sources
  • Origin (choose one from this fixed list: Applied, Sourced, Referred, University, Internal, Agency)

A couple of other items to note:

  • Each new row will create a new candidate opportunity in Lever.
  • Preserve all column headings.
  • If you’d like resumes attached to the profiles, send a zip file with the PDF and Word files along with the spreadsheet.
  • Separate multiple links with a comma followed by a space.
  • Separate multiple email addresses with a comma, no space.
  • Separate multiple tags with a comma, no space.
  • Separate multiple sources with a comma, no space.
  • Be sure to name things exactly. For example:
    1. “New Lead” for Stage, not “Lead”
    2. “JohnSmith_Resume.pdf” for Resume Filename, not “John Smith resume”
  • Lever relies on email addresses to catch duplicate profiles. Make sure the Email column is accurate, so the CSV uploader can check against existing profiles.
  • Not sure what the difference is between sources and origin? Check out this help article.
  • Want to mark a note secret? In the "IsSecretNote" column, write “yes”. Keep it lowercase and don’t use spaces.
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