How do I make a referral?


Lever makes it easy to refer a friend or former colleague for a job opportunity. From the Interviews page, click the + Refer Candidate button in the upper-right corner. 

Close-up of interviews section in Lever with arrow pointing to refer candidate button.

On the referral screen, attach the candidate's resume. The candidate information fields on the referral page will automatically populate with parseable information from the resume. Below, you will find additional fields to include links relevant to the candidate such as their social media or portfolio URLs. You can also provide information about the nature of your relationship to the person you are referring as well as indicate which positions you think they would be a good fit for.


You must provide an email address for the candidate that you are referring. If you do not know the email address of the person that you wish to refer, reach out to your recruitment team for advice on best practices.

Referral page with fields for candidate information.

Candidates that you have referred will be listed on the My Referrals tab in Lever. From here, you can track the progress of candidates that you have referred, as well as view who is responsible for their interviews. 

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