How do I make a referral?


Making a referral through Lever is easy! By going to your Interviews page, you'll be able to easily refer a friend or former colleague. 

To make a new referral, click on the “+ Refer Candidate” button. Candidates who you’ve already referred are listed on the “My Referrals” tab. You’ll be able to view the candidate’s current stage in your company’s hiring pipeline as well, and the individual who is directly responsible for the candidate’s interview process. 

Once you decide to refer a candidate, you can simply drop the candidate’s resume into the “Attach Resume” field. This will automatically populate many of the fields on the referral form, such as the candidate’s full name, email address, phone number, and current company. You’ll also be given the opportunity to include any additional links and information about the candidate in the referral form. 

(Note that an email address is required in order to make a referral. If you do not know your referral’s email address, please reach out to a member of your recruiting team for their best practice. They may suggest that you use a dummy email address.)

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