How do I push hired candidate information out of Lever and into my HRIS system?


Lever’s webhooks allow you to seamlessly move candidates that are hired in Lever into your HRIS, minimizing time spent on manual data entry.

We even support one-click integrations with the following HRIS’s:

For all other HRIS systems, including Workday, we recommend our custom webhook solution.

Getting started with a custom integration

To get started you will first want to enable and configure the candidate hired webhook for your account in Lever. To do this, you must be a Super Admin in Lever.
Visit the Webhooks tab on your account’s integration settings page.
Then click to toggle on the candidate hired webhook and enter a callback URL. You can even verify that Lever can successfully POST to the provided url by clicking the verify button.
Now that the candidate hired webhook is enabled, Lever will POST to the provided callback URL every time a candidate is marked as hired.
To see what other event types your custom integration can utilize, check out the list of webhooks events under API Overview > Webhooks.

Handling Webhook Requests

For HRIS integration, we recommend building a web server to receive the webhook requests from Lever and transform the data into a format consumable by your HRIS system.
Here is an example of how you can build your custom integration:
  1. A candidate is marked as hired in Lever and Lever POSTs a webhook request to the URL configured in integrations settings.
  2. Your web server receives the request and verifies that the request came from Lever using the request signature. You can find more information on how Lever generates its request signature for webhooks in our developer docs.
  3. Your web server uses the candidateIds from the request body to request additional data for the candidate from Lever’s Read API. For example, you can retrieve the candidate profile to get the current stage of the candidate or get the candidate’s profile forms to determine their start date. Note that a candidate’s profile forms can be customized in your account to capture any additional information your HRIS integration requires.
  4. Your web server formats the candidate data in a consumable format for your HRIS and sends the data into the system to create a new employee record.
To learn more about what candidate data you can request from Lever’s Read API, check out the full list of resources in our developer docs.
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Lever’s API support!
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