How do I create a shared calendar for interviews?

We recommend using a shared interviews calendar, as opposed to a personal calendar, for scheduling interviews for your entire team.

There are 2 benefits to a shared calendar:

  1. The recruiting team or anyone involved in scheduling will be able to know what interviews are happening at your organization
  2. Anyone on the team will be able to help schedule/reschedule interviews

Creating a shared calendar

An interviews calendar should be created from Google Calendar *not* by your Google Apps administrator (This means only has the Calendar function but not Gmail and thus cannot send/receive emails).

Click on the triangle drop-down menu and select “Create new calendar”

Then, go into the Settings of that newly-created calendar to edit sharing settings. The whole recruiting team (everyone involved in scheduling/rescheduling) should be added and granted the highest-level access, “Make changes AND manage sharing.”

The shared calendar will now be available for you to select when you’re scheduling interviews.

Note: If you schedule an interview on your personal calendar (e.g. and a hiring manager RSVPs “no” in response to the Google Calendar invite, you get a email notice that says “XYZ and declined this invite.”
Because there is no email associated with the account, at its current state you will NOT know when someone “declines” an event. 2 possible solutions you can choose from:

  1. Train your hiring managers to let you know via email or another means, NOT by simply RSVP'ing “no” if they can’t make an interview.
  2. Turn on event response email by going to Calendar Settings, and “Edit Notifications”. Check “event responses”. You will then get ALL event notifications — you could create an email filter that filters out “Accepted” notifications since those will just clutter up your inbox (instructions).


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