How do I create a shared calendar for interviews?

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We recommend using a shared interviews calendar, as opposed to a personal calendar, for scheduling interviews with candidates.

There are two benefits to a shared calendar:

  1. The recruiting team or anyone involved in scheduling will be aware of the interviews happening at your organization.
  2. Anyone on the team will be able to help schedule/reschedule interviews.

For example, if a user schedules an interview through Lever on their own calendar, other users cannot reschedule the event because they do not have access to the individual user's calendars. This means only that user will be able to reschedule on the calendar unless someone else has access to make edits onto their own calendar.

An error will appear if a user is trying to reschedule an interview panel a different user scheduled on their own calendar. Below is a screenshot of the error - here's more information on how to work around this error.


If the team decides to create a shared calendar, they will be able to edit other user's scheduled interviews as they will have access to update the calendar invite in the event that someone is out of office. When setting up the calendar it's important to give schedulers/coordinators full access to view and edit the shared calendar.

Once your team has completed the set up for the new shared calendar, you'll want to make sure your team resyncs their settings with Lever. They can do this by going to their Settings in My Account and following the steps below (Please note that special email integrations will not have these permissions available when going to My Account Settings and can request the calendar be added on the backend by Support):

  1. Go to
  2. Uncheck all three Permissions boxes (Contacts, Calendar, Email) at the same time and wait for the "Save Changes" button to appear"
  3. Click "Save Changes"
  4. Re-check all three Permissions boxes at the same time and wait for the "Save Changes" button to appear"
  5. Click "Save Changes"
  6. Re-authenticate by submitting your email provider credentials

If helpful, provided is a short video which further clarifies this process of resetting your permissions. -

How do I create a shared calendar in Google Calendar?

A shared interviews calendar should be created directly from Google Calendar, not by your Google Apps administrator.

Click on the "+" button next to "Add a coworker's calendar" and select "New calendar".


Then go into the settings of that newly created calendar to edit the sharing settings. Anyone who is involved in scheduling and rescheduling should be added and granted the highest-level access, “Make changes and manage sharing”.


The shared calendar will now be available for you to select when you’re scheduling interviews in Lever. You may have to refresh any open Lever tabs for the calendar to appear as an option.

How do I view calendar invite responses?

You may be accustomed to Google sending you a email notification when hiring managers respond to invites scheduled to your personal calendar. For shared calendars, there are several options that you can choose from:

1. Take advantage of Lever's Interview RSVP functionality. View interviewer and conference room responses directly on the profile's panel summary. Learn more here.

2. Ask hiring managers to contact you directly if they cannot make the interview.

3. Turn on "event response" email notifications for the shared calendar. Go to the Calendar Settings, and navigate to the general notifications section. Indicate that you would like notifications for "event responses". You will be notified of all types of responses, but you can create an email filter that filters "Accepted" notifications out of your inbox (instructions). 

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