I changed my email address — how should I let Lever know?

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Packages All Lever packages

Has your email address recently changed (e.g. john@company.com to johnsmith@company.com)? Not a problem! Please send us a note requesting that we update your email address, and we'd be happy to take care of it.

To expedite the process, read on to see if any of the situations below apply to you:

  1. If your team uses G Suite, we currently only support logging into Lever with a valid G Suite account (not an email alias). Please confirm in your note that your new email address is valid.
  2. If someone accidentally added a new Lever account for your new email address, we can delete the new account without any issue. If there is activity associated with the new account, we can merge your two accounts together. Let us know if we will need to perform either of these tasks!


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