Why is my candidate missing a resume?

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If you notice a candidate profile that is missing a resume, it’s probably due to one of three reasons:

1. Candidate did not submit a resume

The applicant did not attach a resume when applying through your job site. You can require that applicants submit their resume when applying to a posting by going to “Settings” and clicking the “Job Site” tab. Under “Application Forms,” click the “Required” button to make the resume a mandatory item to be submitted with the application.

2. Candidate was imported from AngelList (or other website)

If the candidate was imported from AngelList, GitHub, or another website using the Lever Chrome Extension, the profile will be parsed out in plain text into Lever. To add in a resume, you can download a PDF of the original profile and upload this PDF into the candidate’s Lever profile.

3. Referral 

When a company employee makes a referral, they may not always have a copy of a resume. You can easily grab a copy of this candidate’s experience by pulling up their AngelList or GitHub profile and using the Lever Chrome Extension to import their information.

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