What is following?

Available for User roles Super Admins, Admins, Team Members, Limited Team Members
Plans All plan types, free of charge

Please note: In the coming months, we will be migrating all existing customers to our updated user interface and data model. Because of this, you may be viewing a help article that is not applicable to the version of Lever you are using! If your team began using Lever after July 15th, 2019, if you manage "opportunities" in Lever, or if the screenshots below do not match what you see in your account, please visit this article for information that is most applicable to you.

Following provides a way to keep tabs on a candidate and get email updates when important changes are made to their profile in Lever. This ensures that everyone involved in the hiring process for that specific candidate is in sync and up to speed at all times.

How do I follow a candidate?

To follow a candidate, click on the “Follow” link next to the candidate profile owner’s name.


How do I stop following a candidate?

Click on the “Following” link next to the candidate profile owner’s name.


How do I help administer the candidates my coworkers follow?

In Team settings, Super Admins, Admins, and Team Members can edit the postings that users follow. When a user follows a posting, they will be added as a follower to any candidate who applies to that job or has that job added to their profile.


From the job posting page, users can also configure which users are following candidates associated with a given job posting.


Finally, from a specific candidate profile, users can configure which users are following that individual candidate.


Notifications about candidates you follow

You can choose which notifications that you’ll receive about candidates you are following on your settings page.


These notification settings allow for granular control of which emails you’ll receive about candidates you’re following. Email notifications include:

  • New candidates report: A daily email about new candidates and referrals on postings you follow
  • Notes: When a co-worker adds a note that notifies all followers, specifically @-mentions you, or replies to a note you left.
  • New hires and pipeline changes: When a candidate moves to a new stage, is archived, snoozed, or hired. This is a daily update.
  • Owner changes: When a candidate’s profile owner changes
  • Interviews scheduled: When an interview is scheduled for the candidate.
  • Feedback or Form completed: When a co-worker adds feedback, a referral form, or manually adds a form.
  • Hired referrals: When one of your referrals makes it through the pipeline.

Even if you decide to unselect all types of these notifications, you will still receive an email for notes that concern you directly. For example, you’ll still receive emails for notes where you’re @mentioned and for interviews you’re scheduled for.

Users who subscribe to New Candidates Report and/or New Hires and Pipeline Changes will be sent a single daily digest email. All other subscriptions will generate an immediate email notification to the user.

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