How can I auto-forward email applications to Lever?

Available for User roles All users
Packages Select Lever packages

We recommend that all Lever customers use our Postings API to connect Lever directly to your team’s jobs page.

If you’d like to automatically forward emails along from a jobs@ email address, you can set up email forwarding so candidates will automatically be imported into Lever.

  • Sign in to the email client that you use to receive applications (e.g.
  • Go to Settings  and click 
  • Click “Add a forwarding address”.

  • Continue by clicking “Ok”.

  • You will be asked to enter a confirmation code to verify, however a code is not required. We will verify your account and approve your request within 24 hours.

  • Once we confirm that your email address is approved for auto-forwarding, please double-check in your email settings that or is enabled for auto-forwarding.

  • The “email applicant” and “email lead” sources will be automatically added when candidates are submitted through and, respectively. Make sure that each email comes with a resume file attached!




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