How do I forward candidates to Lever via email?

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Want to quickly import candidate resumes into Lever? We offer two options: email and CSV import. In this article, we’ll talk about creating candidate profiles using the email method.

First off, note that a resume is required to create a candidate profile using this method. Sending resumes to will create candidates in the “New Applicant” stage, and in the “New Lead” stage. 

  1. Compose a new email with your work email account. You must email us from the email address tied to your Lever account.
  2. Attach the resume(s) of the candidate(s) you want to add. Ensure that the resume contains both a name and an email address. The limit is 15 resumes per email message.
  3. To add profile tags, include them in the subject line or email body. Place a hashtag in front of the tag and use hyphens instead of spaces to connect words. Example: #front-end-engineer, #senior-software-engineer
  4. To add additional information to the candidate profiles for all resume attachments, enter text in the email body. Please note that this information cannot be edited after you send your email. However, you can make it secret or delete it from the candidate profile in Lever.
  5. Hit send and wait for our confirmation email!

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How will I know if my import was successful?

You will receive a confirmation email from Lever when the import is complete. The confirmation email will tell you if it was successful:

If we successfully created profiles out of some but not all of your resumes, we’ll help you understand why:

I’m getting an error when uploading a resume.

If we can’t create candidate profiles from any of your file attachments, you’ll receive this email notification:

You may also see an error message that indicates that we were unable to parse a name and email address from the attached document. Please ensure that the resume contains both a name and email. 

Lastly, sometimes resumes do not upload correctly. Read more in this article about resume upload errors.

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